First Round of Abstract Submission: February 07, 2023
Earlybird Registration Deadline: February 10, 2023

2nd Global Traditional Medicine Conference (TradMed-2023)

Ethnomedicine- Nature's Boon
July 24-25, 2023
Central European Time (CET) (GMT+1)


About TradMed-2023

Global Traditional Medicine Conference (TradMed 2023) is the platform for people who look into the treasure chests of nature to find out and explore the natural metabolites of plants for the management of diverse diseases including viral diseases. Nature is enormous in its resources which not only provide shelter, food, clothes, and antiques but also provide medicine since ages.
Research is important and this is an excellent platform for professionals to present their findings.
The virtual event has the power to jump-start a brainstorming session and encourages creative ideas. It turns out that a virtual or hybrid brainstorming session with remote participants can be even more effective than its in-person counterpart. Staying on top of your game in terms of knowledge and skills no longer requires you to travel to different lands. Want to know how? Join it!


Keynote Speakers

Melinda H. Connor
Founder, Earthsongs Holistic Consulting
Hang Nga Mai-Dieterle
Benjamin Koen
Director, Sound Health Ltd.
Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong


Ilias Giannenas
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Tanja Bagar
International Institute for Cannabinoids
Gerald Muench
Western Sydney University
Lu Li
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


  • Phytochemical Studies of Medicinal Plants
  • Traditional Medicine: Clinical and Research Studies
  • Extraction, Isolation and Structural Elucidation of Bioactive Component
  • Traditional Medicine: Future Prospects
  • Pharmacognosy and Naturopathic Medicine
  • Traditional Medicine: Efficacy and Safety Parameters
  • Cultivation, Conservation and Propagation of Medicinal Plants
  • Crude Drugs and Plant Products
  • Toxicology Studies of Plant Products
  • Metabolomics approach in Phytochemistry and Medicinal Plants Research
  • Essential Oils and Aromatic Plants
  • Advanced Analytical Techniques for Phytochemicals
  • Theories and Fundamentals of Traditional Medicine
  • Alternative Medicine, Integrative and Complementary Medicine
  • Quality Control and Marketing of Herbal Products
  • Homeopathy: Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics
  • Holistic and Unani Medicine
  • Chinese, Japanese and Korean Traditional Medicine
  • Ayurveda and Yoga
  • Identification and Classification of Medicinal Plants
  • Evaluation of Traditional Medicine in the Treatment of Covid-19


Earlybird Registration Deadline: February 10, 2023. Book your slot and save 20%.


Oral, Poster and Delegate


Oral, Poster and Delegate


Three Delegate or Listener

Why Join Us

  • EASY ACCESS: Accessed from ANY device, on ANY browser, and from ANY part of the world
  • SAVING PRECIOUS TIME AND MONEY: No need to stay days away from your work and passion or your home and family. Save time and money on travel
  • OUTSTANDING SPEAKERS: Explore the world of Photonics research through the lens of the speaker’s experience, knowledge, and passion
  • EASY NETWORKING: Connects life sciences and biomedical researchers from all over the globe to network and to share cutting-edge research
  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: The information available in the form of online resources, so no wastage of paper and reduce the carbon footprint
  • STAY SAFE: Encourage the flow of knowledge while maintaining social and safe distancing to protect yourself and your loved ones

Advisory Board Members

Dr. Maneesh Singh
Biocell Analytics
Dr. Jai Nandan Singh
Wolseley Medical Centre
Thi My Hien Huynh
Monash Health
Zhao-min Liu
Sun Yat-sen University